Business partners

Dinosaur Lab partners with Apple, Amazon, and Google to revolutionize children’s programming education.


As a vital partner, Apple helps make our Dinosaur Coding Series available via the App Store, providing a seamless, secure platform for children and parents. Apple’s commitment to quality and innovation supports our mission to offer exceptional programming education.



Google Play, a top app marketplace, is essential to our mission of transforming children’s programming education. Featuring our Dinosaur Coding Series on Google Play, we access numerous Android users, delivering an engaging experience. Google’s commitment to education and innovation makes them an invaluable partner.



Partnering with Amazon expands Dinosaur Lab’s reach. Our educational apps on Amazon’s app store connect with a broader audience of children, parents, and educators. Amazon’s customer focus and global network make our Dinosaur Coding Series accessible worldwide.


Together with our partners, Dinosaur Lab is dedicated to transforming the landscape of children’s programming education, empowering young minds to unlock their full potential in the digital world.