Transforming Children's Programming Education

Welcome to Dinosaur Lab, a Singapore-based edtech startup on a mission to revolutionize children’s programming education.

Fun, Engaging Programming for Kids

Our flagship product, the Dinosaur Coding Series, is specially designed to blend learning and fun, fostering a passion for programming in children aged 3-9. Our user-friendly tablets and rich, engaging game content make it easy for young minds to grasp programming concepts and nurture their interest in coding from an early age.

Mila's Dinosaur Lab: Tailored Coding for Kids

Founded by Mila, an experienced children’s software developer, Dinosaur Lab was born out of a desire to provide a suitable programming platform for her own children. After observing their strong interest in coding but struggling to find age-appropriate software, Mila set out to create a solution that would cater to young children’s learning needs.

Dinosaur Lab 2023: Empowering Kids' Coding Through Play

In 2023, our journey is set to take off as we embark on a quest to make programming education accessible, enjoyable, and empowering for the next generation of tech-savvy kids. At Dinosaur Lab, we believe in harnessing the power of play to spark curiosity, stimulate creativity, and inspire a lifelong love for coding. Join us as we reshape the future of children’s programming education.